A good wine stopper does not necessarily contain good wine,but a bottle of high-quality wine definitely uses a good wine stopper!

The size of the wine stopper is small,but it plays a vital role in wine storage.The wine stopper often determines the quality of the wine.The wine stopper is used to keep the wine fresh.The vacuum principle is used to make the wine in a vacuum state to achieve the effect of keeping the wine fresh.

1.Why is the vacuum wine stopper recommended?

After a bottle of wine is opened,the wine body will gradually oxidize in contact with the air,and the flavor will be lost over time.Reducing contact with air is the key to storing open bottles of wine.People have tried many methods for this,such as plugging the cork back,using a vacuum wine stopper,and filling the bottle with inert gas.Among these storage methods,the vacuum wine stopper is most suitable for household use.Because it is cheap and the effect is good.After the wine is opened,use a vacuum stopper and refrigerate it to keep the wine fresh for about a week.

2.Advantages of HOOMIL Vacuum Wine Stopper

(1)HOOMIL vacuum wine stopper is made of food-grade silica gel and high-quality stainless steel,and is designed with wire drawing.The sturdy combination is more durable and longer lasting than plastic wine corks.

(2)HOOMIL vacuum wine stopper can remove the air in the wine bottle,keep the wine flavor for up to 1 week,and minimize the oxidation of the wine by sucking the air out of the bottle.It is very suitable for families,hotels,clubs,bars,etc.

(3)The internal silicone seal can form an airtight vacuum,100% sealed to prevent leakage,effectively prolonging and maintaining the original freshness of the wine.

(4)Designed for the inner diameter of 18-19mm wine bottles,suitable for all ordinary red and white wine bottles.

3.The only shortcoming: Not suitable for champagne or sparkling wine bottles.

4.Let's take a look at the detailed picture:

5.How to use:

STEP 1:Insert the stopper fully and firmly into the bottle-neck.

STEP 2:Press down the wine stopper several times until it can no longer be pressed.

STEP 3:When re-opening the bottle,remove the wine stopper by gently moving it left and right,and then open up after an airflow sound.

Only a wine stopper that can withstand the "test" can finally blend with wine perfectly.Generally,the better the stopper,the better the quality of the wine.However,if you want to maintain the freshness of the wine,you must also store it at low temperature and avoid light.It is recommended to seal the opened wine with a vacuum stopper,and put the bottle upright in the refrigerator for refrigeration.In this way,wine has reduced the time of exposure to oxygen,and is far away from light sources and heat sources,and can be stored for about a week.From this point of view,HOOMIL vacuum wine stopper is the best choice.