Whether it is in a restaurant or at home for a drink,as long as there is a place where wine appears,you can't do without a wine corkscrew.When faced with a bottle of wine,the starter often doesn't know how to open the wine.He obviously likes to drink wine,but he doesn't. Opening a bottle,the scene is often very embarrassing.So today,I recommend the Hoomil Wine Bottle Opener Set,and you will never have to worry about not opening red wine from now on.

In terms of packaging,HOOMIL focuses on a neutral and simple route,with four-piece detailed information written on the back,and a detailed instruction sheet is included.

Exquisite 4-piece corkscrew set,which includes a combination of wine corkscrew,wine foil cutter,vacuum seal and wine aeration pourer.From the wine paper cutting,bottle opening,decanting and preservation are all for you to consider When it arrives,it provides a one-stop service of opening,pouring and preserving wine, so that drinking is no longer cumbersome,and truly becomes a pleasure of enjoyment.

So how does this luxury wine corkscrew suit work?

First of all,lets talk about this wine foil cutter.The mouth of the wine bottle is wrapped in tin foil. Usually,when you drink wine,you use your nails to open it directly,which is too laborious.Use the HOOMIL wine foil cutter to put it on the bottle mouth and pinch one.Turn,the tin foil is cut and opened easily.

The second is the bottle opener.This HOOMIL bottle opener is made of black matte material,with a smooth surface,a comfortable handle, and easy operation.

It is also very simple to use,just align the screw hook with the cork,stabilize the corkscrew and wine bottle,rotate the handle to turn the screw hook into the cork vertically,and continue to rotate the handle until the cork is completely opened,and rotate in the opposite direction.The handle pushes the cork out of the corkscrew.

OK, the wine has been opened. After a bite,the wine is too sour?That's because the wine hasn't woken up yet.Generally speaking,drinking red wine requires a sobering process,which is to let the red wine come into contact with the air to oxidize.This can make the wine taste smoother and have a pleasant aroma.You may want to be impatient.Hurry up and drink good wine,then this quick decanter pourer from HOOMIL is necessary at this time.

Finally,how to store the red wine that you can't finish drinking?There is also a vacuum wine stopper in the Hoomil wine corkscrew set,which is specially prepared for storing red wine after opening.The food-grade silicone bottle stopper is used to ensure safety while also being environmentally friendly.The air in the wine bottle can be quickly extracted by pressing.When there is no airflow sound,the preservation of the red wine is completed, even if it is opened for drinking after 7 days,it is still fresh as before.

In general,through the use of these things,the drinking experience of red wine can be upgraded to a higher level.HOOMIL's exquisite corkscrew set can easily open the bottle and bring maximum sensory enjoyment.The mellow aroma of vacuum preservation red wine is beautifully preserved,Continuation,it solves the storage and preservation troubles of users when they can't finish drinking a whole bottle of red wine.From corkscrew to vacuum preservation,HOOMIL provides users with a "one-stop" service for enjoying red wine.I found this product on Amazon.They are sold in Germany and the UK respectively.The link in Germany is: https://amzn.to/3lNR6pn,and the link in the UK is:https://amzn.to/3lLjYyq